In a sector defined by change and marked by trust, family-owned ISPs — such as Primary Freight — offer stability and reliability that businesses can count on. 

Change is the defining factor of today’s shipping and logistics market. From the introduction of new supply chain technology to critical events on the world stage, the number of variables disrupting domestic and international supply chains is growing. In fact, a recent study found that supply chain impact events occurred at a record-setting rate in the first six months of 2018. This rate hit 29% — a marked increase from 25% in 2017 and 19% in 2016. 

For businesses attempting to navigate this dynamic landscape, finding trustworthy logistics partners, and investing in strategic working relationships with them is a necessity. With integrated logistics providers (ISPs) in particular, it’s possible for small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) to leverage third-party shipping infrastructure and networks for the benefit of their supply chain, ultimately de-siloing and integrating disparate parts of the logistics journey into a streamlined, cost-effective process.

As businesses look for the right ISP to partner with—such as Primary Freight—they should consider how a family-owned logistics provider can drive value for their shipping operation both in the short term and long run. Through a combination of consistency amid market volatility and an emphasis on trust and substantive working relationships central to family businesses, shippers can count on a steady hand to guide their logistics operation through what is an increasingly dynamic and unpredictable shipping landscape. 

Consistency Amid Market Volatility

As the previously discussed study demonstrates, a wide range of variables has made the logistics market a particularly volatile sector. With new technology such as the Internet of Things (IoT), cloud computing, and Big Data changing the way that businesses operate at an essential level and political contingencies such as mounting tariffs, frequent natural disasters, and shifting political winds playing out internationally, businesses need a steady and knowledgeable hand to help them navigate these changes and turn them into profitable opportunities. 

With a family-owned ISP as a partner, shippers get just that. Family-operated logistics companies offer the kind of consistent and stable leadership needed to confidently operate in the logistics market. At Primary Freight, clients benefit from our tightly-knit structure and a dynamic decision-making process, allowing us to act on their behalf as needed at the moment. Whether this leadership is dedicated to consistent digital transformation or circumventing supply chain disruptions, a family-owned ISP is a strategic value-add. 

An Emphasis on Trust and Working Relationships

As any supply chain manager can tell you, the logistics market places a premium on trust. While contractual obligations drive key parts of the shipping sector, knowing that you can rely on your supply chain partners to act in your best interest is a must. Whether that involves being upfront and honest about costs or providing the kind of transparency necessary to plan for critical parts of your supply chain, these working relationships need to be built on solid ground if they’re going to succeed for everyone involved. 

By working with a family-owned ISP, shippers can invest in supply chain partnerships that put trustworthiness front and center. After all, when you’re doing business with companies that are owned and operated by family members such as Primary Freight, you know you’re dealing with reliable experts in the field who have spent their lives understanding the shipping and logistics landscape. What’s more, this level of trust can give shippers the confidence to commit to a fully integrated supply chain that takes advantage of the newest technology in the market. 

A Proven Track Record of Success and Accountability

While large enterprises may have the resources to navigate the complexities of international shipping and logistics on their own, the same can’t always be said for SMBs. However, that doesn’t mean that more modest businesses should yield exciting opportunities to the biggest companies on the market. Instead, SMBs should consider how working with a family-owned ISP can allow them to leverage existing logistics infrastructure and substantive domestic and international working relationships to give them the reach they need to compete in a particularly dynamic market. 

With two-plus decades in shipping and logistics, Primary Freight has a proven track record of success and accountability. Our family-owned operation can provide shippers with the full range capabilities necessary to integrate siloed business processes and create a more unified and strategic supply chain. From sourcing and manufacturing to warehousing, shipping, and distribution, Primary Freight has the cutting-edge infrastructure and dependable working relationships necessary for shippers to succeed. If you’re looking for a family-operated integrated logistics services provider that will be as invested in your success as theirs, the team at Primary Freight can help. 

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