By giving back to their communities and committing to a greater purpose, shippers and their logistics partners can make a positive impact and invest in customer loyalty. 

To be successful, shippers need to consider how they fit into the wider market. From there, they can strategically position themselves to appeal to their target consumer base and adjust their operations accordingly. However, it’s no longer enough for businesses just to focus on their regular transactions with customers. Instead, leading brands understand the importance of putting their values first and letting a greater purpose guide them. 

Putting a focus on giving back does more than just make a positive impact, however. Studies increasingly show that customers are drawn to companies that are community-minded and committed to a guiding purpose. By staying true to their values, socially conscious shippers and their logistics partners can help those in need and build a lasting relationship between their businesses and their patrons. 

For shippers interested in working with logistics providers that lead with their values, it’s important to do the research necessary to understand which integrated logistics service providers (ISPs) and third-party logistics partners (3PLs) are committed to their communities. Working with values-driven ISPs or 3PLs can be the first step toward creating a supply chain that reflects your values as a company. 

Why Community-Minded Companies Succeed

 Socially conscious shippers and logistics providers have good reason to invest in their communities. For starters, companies that are committed to their values can be a force for positive change, putting their resources to good use and helping those less fortunate in times of need. Doing so can also help develop a trustworthy relationship with the community and boost morale for internal employees by demonstrating that they work for an organization sensitive to the needs of others.

Additionally, studies show that the vast majority of consumers prefer to do business with community-minded companies. For example, 79% of Americans report being more loyal to brands that are driven by a guiding purpose and 70% of Americans are proud to be associated with companies that make a positive impact. Clearly, by giving back in some way, businesses can make a positive impact on the lives of others while fostering a stronger relationship with their customers. 

What Businesses Can Do to Give Back

The way that businesses give back should reflect their unique values and their specific relationship with their community. For example, companies with a commitment to environmental causes can invest in a more sustainable supply chain and work with local organizations that preserve local parks and similar natural sites.

In the same vein, businesses that want to help those less fortunate in their communities can lead canned food drives and give back to disadvantaged families. They can also support employees who may be struggling and ensure that everyone on their team has the resources they need to thrive.

How Primary Freight Pays It Forward

For shippers considering how they can build a supply chain that reflects their values, investing in a relationship with an experienced, community-minded logistics provider can help. With Primary Freight, businesses can count on a trusted logistics expert that has invested in local food banks, supported disadvantaged families during times of need, and been there for its employees. 

With two-plus decades of experience in international shipping and logistics, Primary Freight has the infrastructure shippers need to serve their customers well. Our award-winning customer service team can work with you to develop a logistics solution specifically tailored to your needs and your unique growth goals. Plus, with a commitment to our community and our employees, Primary Freight can help you expand in a way that reflects your values. 

If you’d like to learn more about how Primary Freight’s award-winning shipping services, contact us today at (800)-635-0013.