All of the red tape and fine print involved with international shipping can cause major logistical headaches for your business. Here’s how an NVOCC can help.

Though it’s a key part of the supply chain for many business, importing and exporting goods is always a daunting task — especially if you’re shipping overseas. International shipping is a complex maze of rules and regulations, with reams of paperwork, hidden costs, and logistical hurdles at every turn. This high degree of complexity may even force some businesses to rule out a potentially lucrative international venture.

That’s where a Non Vessel Owning Common Carrier (NVOCCs) comes in. By hiring an NVOCC, you can make international shipping as straightforward as shipping within the United States. Here’s how this arrangement can help streamline your international supply chain and boost your business without piling on an untenable amount of stress.

What Is an NVOCC?

An NVOCC simplifies the relationship between the business and their shipping service. They arrange all your shipments, using connections with the carriers — from ocean liners, to air shippers, to trains and trucks — to negotiate the best price possible. They help your business choose the most efficient and reliable type of shipping based on your cargo, your destination, and any other considerations you might have. NVOCCs can also provide insurance, warehousing, risk management, customs documentation, bills of lading, and international payments, to name just a few services.

Why Do I Need an NVOCC?

NVOCCs use their expertise in these kinds of shipments to make sure that regulations are followed strictly throughout the entire process, keeping your business off the hook for expensive fines and fees. Not only do they keep you from having to fill out confusing paperwork, then worry about whether you’ve done it correct, but they also ensure that the process happens the right way and the most efficient way.

They can also provide “dock-to-door” service, simplifying a process that can be particularly difficult for small- and medium-sized businesses. Not only will a simpler process help save a business time, it will also give them the opportunity to grow to an international market.

How Primary Freight Can Help

When you’re looking for NVOCC services, it’s critical that you find a partner with the experience and dedication necessary to provide real value and support. Customer service is incredibly important when you’re sorting out transactions as complex as those involved in international shipping.

With more than two decades in the international shipping community under its belt, Primary Freight is an ideal shipping and logistics partner. Our team of dedicated and experienced representatives will help ensure your goods get from Point A to Point B in the most efficient and cost-effective manner possible. If you’re looking for real value and reliability, look no further than Primary Freight.