Guiding project cargo through your supply chain requires tried-and-tested business partners with the expertise and infrastructure to accommodate your needs.

Whatever you’re shipping, successfully navigating goods through the modern supply chain is challenging. When that shipment includes industrial-grade generators or offshore oil rig machinery, however, the process gets even more difficult. From coordinating with local communities to complying with a convoluted set of customs restrictions, moving project cargo demands unparalleled precision.

Given the extensive resources, industry expertise, and sophisticated equipment needed to handle project cargo, it should come as no surprise that many small to mid-sized businesses lack the means to do so on their own. For supply chain managers in this position, then, finding the right logistics provider is an essential step toward securing safe and satisfactory project cargo delivery.

If you’re evaluating third-party logistics (3PL) partners for your next project cargo shipment, make sure that you’re striking the right balance between cost and quality. Savings are understandably top of mind for businesses handling heavy-lift shipments, but adding value to your supply chain calls for working with experienced logistics providers with the expertise and infrastructure to get the job done right.

Curious what you should be looking for? Consider these key capabilities that every top-tier 3PL should have on offer.

1. International Customs and Duties Experience

Because project cargo shipments often require international routing, it’s up to you and your business partners to factor customs requirements and duties into your overall shipping strategy. Accordingly, your 3PL should have the experience to make recommendations based on cross-border taxes. For example, certain regulations may make it more expedient to assemble component parts in one region as opposed to another.

2. Industry-Wide Contacts

Transporting project cargo takes a village. If your 3PL has experience managing heavy-lift shipments, they should have business relationships across the shipping and logistics space that they can draw upon during transit. When it comes to providing you with cost-efficient routing analysis and recommendations, for instance, these contacts will be essential.

3. Cutting-Edge Logistics Software

With the current pace of technological development, shipping and logistics professionals have a wealth of cutting-edge tools at their disposal. Thanks to sophisticated transportation management systems (TMS) supported by Internet of Things (IoT) technology, the most successful 3PLs can offer shippers greater visibility into their supply chain and make more insightful adjustments along every step of your project cargo’s journey.

4. Top-Tier Warehousing

Regardless of what you’re shipping, the right 3PL should have up-to-date warehouse space designed to meet today’s logistics needs. Even for goods as large as project cargo, top-of-the-line warehouses with adequate clearance heights, ample docking space, and intelligent warehouse management systems (WMS) can form the backbone of your shipment’s journey and make the process more cost-effective from first pickup to final delivery.

5. Institutional Knowledge

It goes without saying, but the most effective 3PLs are those who already have experience in the project cargo space. Because heavy-lift shipments require so many unique considerations compared to other logistics needs, the right logistics provider will have the institutional knowledge needed to navigate international regulations, liaise with localities your cargo will pass through, and execute contingency plans confidently in the event of unexpected delays.

With over twenty years of experience in shipping and logistics, Primary Freight is strategically positioned to drive value for businesses of any size and budget. Whether you’re looking for assistance with project cargo or additional support for your intermodal needs, our team has the resources and expertise necessary to help. Curious what a custom logistics solutions might look like for your business? The Primary Freight team is standing by.

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