As you’re likely well-aware, the Gulf and Southeastern coastal regions of the United States are being subjected to and/or coping with the fallout of extreme weather events.

Due to complications caused by Hurricane Harvey, the Houston port is currently experiencing major delays. Moreover, as Hurricane Irma reaches Florida and makes its way up the East Coast over the weekend and into early next week, we expect to see additional delays at ports and airports within the storm’s path.

Operations at the Houston port are easing back into motion. Harvey didn’t cause significant physical damages to the port, but it did force a nearly week-long standstill. As a result, the port is currently coping with a significant backlog, and it will likely be some time before things are completely back on schedule.

The latest forecasts for Irma project the hurricane will pass over or near southeast Florida on Sunday, then shift onto a northward track toward the Georgia and South Carolina coastal regions early in the week. It will then begin to move inland, where its status will likely downgrade from Major Hurricane to Tropical Storm. We will be monitoring the situation closely as the hurricane makes landfall and heads north.

If you have any questions or concerns, or are looking for additional information about the status of your shipments, please contact us at (800)-635-0013.

Thank you for your understanding.