Low unemployment and changing demographics are putting the squeeze on supply chain talent, but shippers caught in the crunch can turn to trusted logistics partners for help. 

For shipping and logistics professionals, it’s not news that the industry is in the middle of a talent shortage. With an increasing number of current employees and executives nearing retirement and unemployment numbers hitting 3.6% in April and May — their lowest levels since 1969 — it’s getting more and more difficult for shippers to lock down the skilled workers they need to manage their supply chains. 

This poses a problem at key junctures throughout the shipping and logistics landscape. Whether they hire internally or externally, shippers need supply chain professionals to coordinate operations, skilled workers to make warehouses and distribution centers run smoothly, and experienced drivers to deliver freight across the country and around the world. Without them, the modern supply chain will take a hit, affecting customer’s satisfaction and your bottom line. 

Shippers looking to get the most out of their supply chain face a daunting challenge: how can you secure the increasingly expensive talent you need in an industry that has fewer and fewer qualified job seekers on the market? While understanding the root causes of this shortage can shed light on the problem, shippers should also consider how experienced logistics providers can help them navigate the ongoing supply chain talent crisis. 

The Supply Chain Job Market By the Numbers

A buoyant domestic economy and dynamic international landscape are providing qualified job seekers with plenty of opportunities to find the positions they want in a way that works for them. This reality has made it challenging for businesses to retain the talent they need for their supply chains. 

Recent research from Logistics Management shows that 42% of logistics professionals are “always open to better opportunities.” While 33% are satisfied in their current roles, another 16% reported that they are “passively looking” for their next move. This has contributed to a job market characterized by high turnover and increased competition. 

What This Means for Businesses

It’s not just a matter of replacing supply chain professionals at or near retirement age. As the supply chain becomes increasingly complex thanks to advances in the Internet of Things, predictive analytics, and Big Data, the proficiencies that businesses need in their logistics talent have only gotten more complex in turn.

Ultimately, this has created a job market that puts qualified supply chain professionals in the driver’s seat. For businesses that can afford to bring this talent in-house, it will be essential to invest in long-term retention and provide opportunities for advancement to job seekers and current employees. 

Securing Top Talent Through Trusted 3PLs and ISPs

For small and mid-sized businesses determined to invest in their supply chain — but without the resources to handle everything on their own — working with a third-party logistics partner (3PL) or integrated logistics services provider (ISP) can help. By working with a trusted logistics partner, businesses can tap into an existing network of supply chain infrastructure and draw on the experience of logistics talent without having to worry about bringing that talent in-house. 

With more than two decades of experience in domestic and international shipping and logistics, Primary Freight is strategically positioned to help shippers manage their supply chains and grow their business. Our award-winning team of logistics professionals has industry relationships shippers can rely on and the know-how to analyze and overcome any logistics challenges they may face. 

Whether you’re looking for support with your ocean freight operation or need warehousing and fulfillment assistance, the team at Primary Freight can help. And, by working with an experienced logistics provider with supply chain professionals all our own, shippers can focus less on the talent shortage and more on their core business.

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