Thanks to advanced software and integrated logistics capabilities, automation is here and changing the game for logistics players at every level of the industry.

For supply chain professionals and logistics experts across the industry, complete operational automation has been a long-discussed topic. However, while robotic technology may one day meaningfully transform the modern supply chain, robots haven’t yet hit the market at scale in a real way.

In fact, even Amazon agrees that completely automated warehouses are, at the earliest, about a decade away — and likely longer than that. Until then, it’s worth assessing what advanced software with automated capabilities can do to help today’s fulfillment operations.

And that’s no small thing. From streamlining omni-channel orders and integrating those into picking, packing, and shipping schedules to preparing the most efficient routes possible for delivery vehicles, automated software is doing big things in the logistics space. For enterprises looking to leverage software automation to their advantage, the opportunity is theirs for the taking.

Order Management Systems

If automation means reducing the amount of manual work and data entry required of workers, then it has a key role to play in order management. With businesses today coordinating orders from brick-and-mortar locations and online platforms — not to mention returns — making sense of information coming in from multiple sources is a tall order.

With order management tools, the time it takes to process these orders, batch them as needed, and determine their placement in employees’ picking, packing, and shipping queue can be drastically cut down and made more accurate. What’s more, these systems can help supply chain professionals make sure that orders are sorted as necessary depending on the type of customer and the stock of a particular item available.

Warehouse Management Systems

Between labor shortages and the physical strain of the human work required to complete the fulfillment process, software automation on warehouse and distribution center floors can help workers fulfill their roles faster, more efficiently, and with greater precision.

Indeed, automated warehouse management systems can help professionals with tracking and tracing products, managing the flow of orders throughout a particular warehouse or DC, and keeping tabs on critical inventory. By deploying software that can automate these processes and minimize the need for human involvement at each and every stage of fulfillment, warehouse managers can reduce errors and boost overall performance.

Transportation Management Systems

Just like fully automated robotic workforces haven’t yet arrived for warehouses, self-driving vehicles are — at least for the time being — still in developmental stages. For now, it’s worth taking advantage of software-level automation possibilities in the transportation sector.

These benefits include automated logging of driver information, mileage, and other key details as well as integration with current rates for various logistics modes. Between these advantages and the ability to assist with routing to get orders to customers as quickly and reliably as possible, transportation automation tools promise to save time, money, and manpower for those who deploy them.

Leveraging Automation with Primary Logistics

For businesses looking to make their mark in the e-commerce economy, taking advantage of automated software is an important way to cut costs, boost performance, and improve accuracy. However, while large operations may have the capital required to handle the costs of deploying these tools on their own, other businesses may not.

To that end, working with a third-party logistics (3PL) partner or integrated services logistics provider (ISP) can afford these teams top-tier technology without going into the red. With a track record of excellence in the shipping, logistics, and fulfillment space for more than twenty years, Primary Logistics has the infrastructure, expertise, and industry relationships necessary to help you improve your e-commerce ROI.

Whether you’re looking to revamp key parts of your e-commerce and fulfillment operation or you’re hoping to invest in industry-leading warehousing and distribution capabilities, our team can help. If you’re ready to make the move toward a more strategically organized supply chain, reach out to Primary Logistics today.

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