Looking for the right logistics partner for your company? From a wide range of services to client care, here are five key qualities that will drive value for your business.

In today’s fast-paced economy, shipping and logistics are a challenge for many mid-sized companies. No matter the scale of your shipping needs, it can be difficult to find a provider who can offer specialized solutions that truly streamline operations and maximize your ROI.

When you’re searching for a third-party logistics (3PL) partner or an integrated logistics services provider (ISP), there are a few essential features to keep in mind. Rather than focus on simply cutting costs in the short-term, a quality shipping partner has the experience and resources to deliver efficient results throughout your working relationship. Through creative problem-solving and a vast network of industry connections, the right 3PL or ISP can simplify the fulfillment process so that your company can focus on what it does best.

To help you in your search, we’ve outlined five essential capabilities offered by top-notch transportation logistics partners.

1. Cutting-Edge Technology

When it comes to booking shipments, convenience and accessibility are key. An ideal logistics provider that has web features like online booking, transportation schedules, and tracking capabilities will allow you to order on your own time and closely monitor shipments. Some top logistics providers will also analyze data from order management, WMS, and ERP software so that your company can eliminate red tape, thus maximizing efficiency throughout your shipping program.

2. A Broad Range of Services

With many businesses operating on national and international scales, it’s essential to have a logistics provider that can leverage multiple modes when handling your company’s various needs. From ocean and air to road and rail, your shipping partner should be able to move cargo in your primary markets without difficulty. That way, you can ensure that you’re meeting — or, better yet, exceeding — customer expectations.

3. Warehouse and Storage Capacity

Logistics providers with full-service warehouse facilities are a definite benefit for companies looking for flexible distribution management and quick delivery. A strategically located fulfillment or distribution center outfitted with the latest logistics technologies enables your provider to better tailor distribution to your specific needs. By leveraging warehouse space strategically, you can increase productivity, reduce costs, and shorten fulfillment times in the process.

4. Outstanding Customer Service

A top-tier logistics provider responds to your requests and anticipates your needs. This is especially important if your company ships out-of-the-ordinary cargo, including oversized freight, overweight cargo, and heavy-lift materials. In addition to providing a variety of customer-focused resources, an ideal 3PL or ISP will go the extra mile to learn about your company’s goals and priorities. With a customer service team that you can trust and that respects your business, you can prepare for short- and long-term growth with confidence.

5. Extensive Industry Experience

Because customer satisfaction depends on efficiency and reliability, it’s essential that your logistics provider has a proven track record of success. The right partner for your business should have years of industry experience that you can rely on when navigating potential disruptions or riding fluctuating levels of demand. Shipping and logistics professionals who have been tried and tested in the industry will likely have an extensive network of partnerships of their own, not to mention the practical know-how needed to tackle unexpected challenges.

Primary Freight stands out with nearly two decades of experience and a lasting commitment to customer service. With a global network covering a broad cross-section of industries, we can draw on a wide range of resources, industry knowledge, and collective experience to develop end-to-end shipping strategies for your business. If you’re in need of a trusted partner to succeed in today’s competitive and ever-changing marketplace, consider Primary Freight your partner in scalable growth.

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