Rashtrapati Bhavan, highlighting air cargo growth in India

How Logistics Providers Can Help Shippers Navigate India’s Proposed National Logistics Policy

A new National Logistics Policy in India is attracting the attention of logistics providers and their partners. Here’s how shippers can make the most of this critical landscape. 
Man in warehouse working on omnichannel fulfillment & logistics

New Survey Emphasizes Importance of Software in E-Commerce, Omni-Channel Logistics

Stakeholders across the shipping and logistics space agree on the critical role software plays in the modern e-commerce and omni-channel fulfillment landscape. 
USA flag merging with India's flag showing the ease of international freight services

Growing Trade Between the U.S. and India Presents Opportunities for Businesses and E-Commerce Retailers

With the help of an experienced logistics partner, businesses and e-commerce retailers looking to expand into new markets should consider investing in trade with India. 
Picture of Amazon packages delivered by 3pl services

Free for Who? What Free Shipping from Amazon Really Means

While Amazon’s free shipping operation attracts an outsized share of attention in the logistics space, it’s important to understand the true costs of the program. 
employee working in a domestic freight shipping company warehouse

How Shippers Can Navigate the Supply Chain Talent Shortage

Low unemployment and changing demographics are putting the squeeze on supply chain talent, but shippers caught in the crunch can turn to trusted logistics partners for help. 
Large empty warehouse for 3pl fulfillment services

Warehouse and Distribution Center Space Demand Outpaces Construction — How 3PLs Can Help

Warehouse and distribution center vacancies are at historic lows, making it difficult for businesses attempting to break into the e-commerce marketplace on their own. 
a pile of fedex envelopes showing the end of amazon 3pl partnership

What the FedEx Express Break with Amazon Means for E-Commerce Logistics

The break between FedEx Express and Amazon underscores the volatility of the e-commerce landscape at a critical time for online businesses. 
ocean carrier docked & loaded with cargo for overseas

Shipper Dissatisfaction with Ocean Freight Carriers Highlights the Need for Experienced Logistics Providers

For businesses getting increasingly dissatisfied with the quality of service from ocean carriers, the right 3PL or ISP can help navigate a volatile shipping landscape. 
employee with boxes fulfilling shipments for a 3pl company

Looking for a New Logistics Provider? Here’s Why You Should Choose One That Puts Customer Care First

The competitive e-commerce landscape calls for strategic partnerships between growing businesses and logistics providers that put their customers first.
aerial view of man walking through a warehouse for 3pl fulfillment

How Choosing the Wrong Fulfillment Partner Can Cost Your Business

Whatever industry you’re in, make sure you invest in a fulfillment partner that’s as dedicated to your business’s success as you are. Otherwise, it could cost you.