By providing employees with ample opportunities for growth and development, Primary Freight provides its customers with a consistent, experienced, and motivated team.

In an era when workforce retention and employee experience are becoming true rarities, Primary Freight has managed to be an exception to this rule. That’s because we’ve come up with a more effective solution to the company culture “problem” that many businesses are facing: we invest heavily in our employees — not only in their ongoing happiness and general well-being, but also in their futures by providing them with opportunities and guidance to spur career development and personal growth.

This approach doesn’t just benefit the employees themselves: it’s also proven itself to be a great business strategy, bolstering loyalty, productivity, and ultimately, generating more value for our clients.

Plenty of Room to Grow

Katherine Karalekas is the perfect example of an employee who demonstrated clear ambition and was therefore provided with the necessary tools and opportunities to succeed.

11 years ago, Katherine joined the Primary Freight team as an Import Clerk — and we were immediately impressed by her work ethic, motivation, and drive. “I just made the decision to put my head down and work hard,” she recalls. “I had confidence that if I put in the time and effort, it would get noticed.”

After an eventful first year — which saw the birth of her first child — Katherine was promoted to Import Manager, and even traveled to Italy to meet with some of our key international partners and gain a more nuanced understanding of the complex network we operate within.

As Katherine’s desire to take on more responsibility persisted, Primary Freight provided her with leadership training and mentorship to help her achieve her goals. “The company doesn’t just encourage people who demonstrate an interest in moving up — they provide all of the necessary resources and guidance to help us get where we want to go,” she says.

Katherine’s training helped her gain key managerial skills in listening, innovative thinking, and developing customer connections — talents she combined with her loyalty, experience, and interpersonal skills to ultimately secure her current position as General Manager of the New York branch.

A Vision We All Share

Like many members of the Primary Freight team, Katherine has stayed on throughout the years because she knows it’s a place that truly values good ideas, hard work, and continued personal and professional growth.

Our culture emphasizes opportunity, support, and respect, and thus, Primary Freight employees feel encouraged and motivated to do the best job they possibly can, contributing to a vision we all share. As Katherine puts it, “Primary Freight’s leadership are true believers in the idea that a happy employee is a productive employee.” By providing team members with both the support and opportunity necessary to advance in their careers (and improve the quality of their lives), we’ve been able to cultivate a culture of employee retention, experience, and dedication — the foundation of any successful company.