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cargo insurance

Why You Need Cargo Insurance

Many shippers tend to assume that their cargo is covered — but without cargo insurance, they may be on the hook for more than they think.

A Culture of Upward Mobility and Opportunity

By providing employees with ample opportunities for growth and development, Primary Freight provides its customers with a consistent, experienced, and motivated team.

Primary Freight: A Different Kind of Shipping and Logistics Company

Here’s how to build a successful and sustainable company in a fast-paced and complex industry like shipping and logistics.

Why the Australian Shipping Market Requires a Unique Kind of Expertise

Primary Freight has been operating successfully in the Australian shipping and logistics market for more than two decades — here’s the secret to our success.

Embracing Employee Innovation

Relying on another company to safely transport your products requires real trust, and if a company doesn’t trust its own employees to transport your products safely, how can you?

What It Really Means to Be a Company That Cares

At Primary Freight, we’re committed to treating our employees with consideration and respect — and this has been the key to our decades of success.